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Bell and Rusty had 4 puppies on January 11, 2018
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We are the Dobbins Family, Jeff, Kim, Logan, Bethany, and Danyell. Our addiction to boer goats started in 1999. Our family has always beenactive in 4-H so we decided to try the SC Wether Goat Project. We have three girls, only two were old enough to participate at the time, so we paid the fee and signed them up to receive a wether. Little did we know that just three years later we would be starting our own herd. The South Carolina 4-H/FFA Wether Goat Project had drawings for does donated by local producers at several of the local county fairs and of course my girls won two the first year. This was only the tip of the iceberg. We bred those does to a friend's buck and the herd was born.
Within a year we had purchased a few fullblood and percentage does.  Now we needed a buck. My wife, Kim, started to take a fancy to paints.  She decided that she wanted a paint buck to sire our herd.  We looked for something affordable and found a paint that was in North Carolina.  He was a paint and affordable so we took off up the road to check him  out. It just happened to be right around Kim's birthday. I was trying to plan a short weekend cruise for her birthday when we ran across this buck. We could not do both, so like any other thoughtful husband, I gave her the option to take the cruise or the buck. Unlike most wives, she chose the buck. Apache was our first buck. Although not top show quality, he was a producer and gave us several great does to continue his legacy.

Soon we became interested in some better stock and showing more than just the 4-H wethers. We decided to look around with high quality paints at the top of the want list. We ran across the Double Eagle Sale in the spring of 2005. Kim set her mind on one of the best does of the sale, DER Faithy. She was a beautifully balanced paint doe that is a sure show winner. Knowing we might not get Faithy we set our sights on a few other does. Well at the end of the sale Mr. Butch Patterson walked away with Faithy and we brought home War Princess.

Later that year we attended Showstopper 2005 and bumped into Mr. Patterson. We had seen him and Faithy at ABGA Nationals but did not get a chance to speak to him too much so I took the opportunity to get to know him a little better at Showstoppers. There are not many better people in this industry than Mr. and Mrs. Patterson. The next day before the sale started Mr. Patterson offered us Faithy for purchase after he got some kids from her. We jumped at the opportunity and were very excited. This started our show goat herd for which we have grown with top quality in mind.

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Jeff, Kim, Logan, Bethany, and Danyell Dobbins
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